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Air Diffusers

Diffused Air (Bottom) Pond Aerators

When using a linear compressor, diffuser placement should not exceed 10 feet in depth. (If your pond does not have an area less than 10 feet in depth, please contact us for information on Kasco Robust Aire Diffuser Systems)

Air diffusers (bottom aeration systems, bubbler aerators) aerate by forcing air through a diffuser membrane.
The bubbles rise from the bottom of the pond taking oxygen depleted water to the surface to mix with oxygen rich water.

Air diffusers can be used all year long to aerate and will keep an opening in the pond during the winter for water fowl and other wildlife.

Linear compressors are among the quietest available

These units are energy efficient (1.4 amps / 75 watts) and generally cost less to operate than surface aerators.
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Complete Kit Includes:

  • (120v) Efficent UL Listed weatherproof linear compressor that pumps 80 liters of air per minute (2.25 CFM) and uses 1.4 amps / 75 watts.
  • 100' of 5/8" self-weighted tubing
  • Fittings and clamps
  • Weighted Base (powder coated stainless Steel) with 9" diffuser membrane

$499.00 plus shipping

Items to purchase separately


Weighted Base (powder coated stainless steel) with 9" diffuser membrane, 1/2" male adapter with clamp.



100' of 5/8" weighted (self-sinking) tubing.



(120v) UL Listed weatherproof linear air compressor that pumps 80 liters of air per minute (2.25 CFM) and uses 1.4 amps / 75 watts. Can accommodate two diffuser bases.


Rebuild kit (Rebuild kit includes 2 diaphragms, 1 magnet bar and air filter)



1/2" manifold with valves and clamps (for additional line / diffusers)