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Poor water quality is a leading cause of pump failure. Protect your fountain/aerator. Clean your pump often and consider treating your pond with these products. No State or EPA registration required. For extreme weed conditions we recommend consulting a local pond care company.

Bacteria/Enzyme Treatments & Pond Conditioners
Reduce pond sludge and foul odors


 8 oz Water Soluble Bags


 6 lb Muck Block


7 lb Pail (266) Muck Pucks


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 Kasco Macro-ZymeTM

Kasco’s Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria is the perfect choice to control and eliminate sludge and foul odor in tanks, ponds, and lakes. Once in the water, Macro-Zyme quickly releases billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that work around the clock to clean, neutralize, and purify water. Macro-Zyme is an extremely high concentration of facultative anaerobic bacteria that rapidly reproduce produce and consume organic matter on the bottom of the pond.

  • Reduces odors
  • Removes sludge
  • Reduces biological oxygen demand
  • Reduces nutrients available for aquatic plant growth
  • Decreases dissolved organic carbons (animal waste, grass clippings, leaves)
  • Reduces hydrocarbon waste
  • Increase available oxygen levels
  • Increases clarity
  • Safe for pets, fish, and wildlife
  • Does not require state or EPA registrations


All product needs to be reapplied every 2-3 weeks when water temperatures are 55°F or warmer (except the muck block which releases for 30 days).

Available in the following forms:

  • 8 ounce water soluble bags – 8 oz treats ½ acre foot
  • 7 pound pail of Muck Pucks – great for treating up to 10 ft.2 of bottom area. Great for use around docks or swim areas. Sold in a retail friendly, black pull top pail. Contains roughly 266 pucks, reapply every 2-3 weeks.
  • 6 pound Muck Block “Time Release” – slowly release bacteria to treat up to 6 acre feet of water. Much more effective when used in combination with current. Great for targeting areas that require treatment. Sold in sealed shrink-wrapped bag in a box. Reapplication required only once every 30 days.

Pond Calculations

  • Length (ft) x Width (ft) x average depth (ft) x 7.48 = total gallons
  • One acre-foot (43,560 cubic feet) is the volume of water sufficient to cover an acre of land to a depth of 1 foot which is 325,851 gallons.

 Macro Zyme Bags (any quantity $9.00 shipping)
 8 oz (1 bag)  $11.75 Secure On-line Ordering
 16 oz (2 bags)  $23.50 Secure On-line Ordering
 24 oz (3 bags)  $35.25 Secure On-line Ordering
 32 oz (4 bags)  $47.00 Secure On-line Ordering
 40 oz (5 bags)  $58.75 Secure On-line Ordering
 48 oz (6 bags)  $70.50 Secure On-line Ordering

 Macro Zyme Muck Pucks ($16.00 shipping per pail)
 7 lb pail (1 pail)  $79.00 Secure On-line Ordering

 Macro Zyme Muck Blocks ($14.00 shipping per block)
 6 lb block (1 block)  $63.00 Secure On-line Ordering


Nature's Pond Conditioner

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Nature's Pond Conditioner (Spring & Summer)


$99.99 with Free Shipping

Nature’s Pond Conditioner is your solution for Clean Water with a Clear Conscience.

To keep your pond in optimal health you need to nourish it with Nature’s Pond Conditioner. Koenders’ industry leading all-in-one organic conditioner is comprised of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, plant extracts, enzyme blends and natural food-grade dyes.

The bacteria and enzymes feast on excess nutrients like debris, fish droppings, run off, accumulated pond sludge and phosphates. The food dye adds a blue/green color to your water, enhancing its natural beauty.

The Benefits of Nature’s Pond Conditioner include:

  • It’s a natural and organic way to care for your pond.
  • Creates clean, clear and health ponds.
  • Promotes a natural eco-system.
  • Improves water quality for healthier fish and increased livestock weight gain
  • Reduced pond sludge.
  • It’s an easy, effective and affordable way to enjoy nature 



Nature's Pond Conditioner (Fall & Winter)

$99.99 with Free Shipping

Like all things seasonal, ponds and pond life beings to slow as the colder weather sets in.

Beneficial bacteria and enzymes applied in the spring or summer start to diminish in number and slow their reproduction rate.

To keep your pond healthy and productive all year nourish it with Nature’s Pond Conditioner Fall/Winter Edition early in the fall before winter freeze up.

This special blend of naturally occurring organisms and plant extracts is formulated with a preservative that adds to the longevity and productivity of the bacteria and enzymes through colder weather conditions. It enables the microbes to keep consuming and cleaning the debris, run off and decaying matter in your pond through the winter months.

Benefits of Nature’s Pond Conditioner – Fall/Winter Edition

  • A natural and organic way to care for your pond
  • Provides a healthy habitat for all living things throughout the winter months
  • Continuously Consumes debris, decaying matter and pond muck through the colder months
  • Provides clean water year round
  • Reduces foul odors and off-gassing in the spring
  • Gives your pond a healthy start to the beginning of the year
  • It’s easy, safe and effective



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