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RHP 6626 Series Pond Fountain

Superior Reliability, Larger Displays
Use in clean or dirty water ponds.

The new Asynchronous pumps can be cleaned rather than thrown away!
Water with high dirt and mineral concentrations is detrimental to motor seals. The asynchronous pump design eliminates the possibility of seal failure due to overheating.


 Pump: 6600 gallons per hour, 115v, 3/4HP, 593 watts, 5.3 AMP, Asynchronous, Energy efficient, much higher volume, no motor seals to wear in dirty/abrasive water.
 Nozzles Four Nozzle patterns (shown above) included.
  Heights: 14-16 feet. Widths up to 30 feet.
 Float: 26" Professional Series poly molded float w/brass inserts for attaching optional light fixtures.
 Power Cord: 100' w/standard 3 prong plug end.
 Timer: Optional Intermatic P1261P Timer with GFCI
 Filter: Intake screen/debris filter included.
 GFCI: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Electrical Protection Included.
 Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty Note: The original pump, wire and attached waterproof splice must be returned, in its entirety for pump warranty consideration, any deviation from this requirement will void all warranties.
 Anchoring Line: 50' of anchoring line included.
 Lighting Options: Easy to install 3 fixture MR-16 LED light sets for night time illumination
 Approximate Operating Cost: $ .06-.10 per hour
 Minimum Water Depth: At least 2-3 feet of water recommended

 RHP 6626 basic fountain

3/4 HP Basic Fountain

Pump: 115v, 6600 GPH. Wet Rotor
Nozzles: Four patterns included (shown above)
Float: 26" Poly Roto Float
GFCI Protection
Anchoring line
115v timer with two outlets OR Intermatic P1261P Timer available at checkout.
100' Standard Power Cord.

*** $50.00 Flat Rate Shipping ***

100' cord......$599.00 Order On-Line

 Add optional timer at checkout:

 Economy timer

 fountain timer



 RHP 6626 fountain with lights

3/4 HP Fountain w/ LED Light Set

Pump: 115v, 6600 GPH. Wet Rotor
Nozzles: Four patterns included (shown above)
Float: 26" Poly Roto float
Timer: Intermatic P1261P with GFCI
Light Set: Three 4" Fixtures with bright white 4 watt, MR16 LED bulbs, 12v Transformer with Photocell 100' power cord
GFCI Protection
100' Standard Power Cord
Anchoring line

*** $65.00 Flat Rate Shipping ***

 100' cord......$1048.00 Order On-Line

 Kasco Macro-Zyme

 Kasco's Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria can be added at checkout with no additional shipping costs!