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Pond Fountain Repairs

The Fountain Guys Ltd is only able to honor warranties on items that were purchased from The Fountain Guys Ltd., as long as these items meet the restrictions of the original warranty. If in doubt, please email us before returning any item.

KASCO note: The Fountain Guys Ltd. does NOT handle warranties or service on Kasco units. These items should be returned to the manufacturer; Kasco Marine, Inc. Please contact us if you need further information.

If you did not purchase your fountain from The Fountain Guys, and do not see replacement parts for it on our web site, please email us prior to sending your unit in for repair to confirm that it is something we can repair. The original pump, wire and attached waterproof splice must be returned, in its entirety for pump warranty consideration, any deviation from this requirement will void all warranties.

If you do not know what brand / type of fountain you have, email us a description and/or picture and we will try to identify it and let you know if we are able to repair it.

If your fountain is tripping the GFCI, check for the following before sending it in for repair:

  • GFCI plug is wet or damaged or has been previously submerged in water
  • Cord is cut, nicked or damaged
  • Pump is clogged and overheating

If your power cord has damage to it near the pump (for example muskrat chews – see picture below) Water may have already entered into your motor causing irreparable damage. Please consider the cost of shipping a pump that cannot be fixed. In some cases we can re-use any undamaged cord and splice it to a new pump. (This is a repair you may be able to complete yourself with our 3M 82-A1 splice kit)

Please print and include a completed Fountain Repair Information Sheet with your return:


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